Why Your Leadership Style Matters

The first step in building not only a functional, but also high-performance team is to acknowledge the difference between managing and leading.  We often tend to discuss these two concepts as being one and the same thing, but the fact is that being a manager is not necessarily the same thing as being a leader.

The manager is mainly an administrator. He ensures that his team has what it needs to reach the goals of the company. That, of course, applies not only to office supplies and the like. A good manager needs to also ensure that his team is properly trained, that the members of the team are happy; he needs to be aware of any dysfunctions within the team, and help solve the conflicts smoothly in order to maintain productivity. He is also responsible for providing positive or negative feedback, and guidance to the employees.

The leader is a motivator. He can be anyone in the team, regardless of position in the hierarchy. His authority stems from people’s respect of his abilities. He has the leadership skills, the charisma, and the experience to motivate, guide, and give people purpose.

A good manager needs to also be a leader. But he needn’t feel threatened by other emerging leaders. Instead, he should make use of this situation. A leader will give the team a new perspective, fresh ideas, and will inspire those around him. A managerial position in a firm doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s worth asking for a second opinion – it not only makes you lose less time and make better calls, it also earns you the trust and respect of those who feel empowered this way.

The decisions you make as a manager directly influence the success of the business. However, Daniel Goldsman’s research, “Leadership that gets results”, has uncovered that a business’ success was also directly influenced by the manager’s leadership style. In fact, leadership style accounted for 30% of the profitability of the business. That’s huge.

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