Why to Choose an Online MBA

On-campus and distance programs are close in that students are essentially receiving the same education in terms of courses, curriculum and objectives. At times specific assignments, papers or projects may be different as to better accommodate an online format. For example, a large project that may be assigned to a group of students participating in a campus program may be scaled down for the individual student enrolled in an online program.

One of the biggest differences between the two types of programs is the way that information is distributed and received by students. Campus programs allow for in-person lectures, face-to-face discussions and assignments that are turned in directly to instructors. In online programs, technology takes the place of physicality, allowing students to use the Internet to watch a streaming video lecture, participate in a class discussion via chat room or turn in an assignment by uploading a file. Online programs deliver the same content and require the same amount of effort from students as on-campus ones but in a different way.

The Perception of Online MBAs
The stigmas that may have been associated with online education in the past are almost nonexistent in today’s world. Over the years these types of programs have gained more credibility and recognition, making the online MBA a valuable asset in the corporate environment. Perhaps this is why more and more public and private universities are getting on board and adapting their traditional on-campus MBA curriculum to an online format.

An online MBA is just as valuable as one earned through a traditional program, as students are required to master the same curriculum, meet the same expectations and rise to the same challenges. When it comes to receiving your diploma, there will likely be no differentiation between MBA graduates who completed their course work on campus and those who did it online. Technology makes it possible to manage business from anywhere in the world, so using it to complete an MBA can be a smart business decision.