Why Study a part-time MBA

There are many of people whom, for one reason or another, are unwilling or unable to pay out the fees in advance of a full-time MBA course. For those, remaining in the workplace is the only viable option.

Nowadays the best business schools are offering very well-organized part-time MBA courses which provide alumni with the same qualification as a full-time MBA degree.

In the modern economic sector, the part-time option has seen an increase in interest, according to QS research. After all, not everyone either wants to or is able to leave their secure employment at this time, as the risks involved are quite clear.

Professor Susan Miller, MBA academic director at Hull University Business School, says: “In the current climate, many people who are in employment are not prepared for the insecurity of quitting their job for a qualification which, although internationally recognized as enhancing career options, has no concrete employment at the end.”

To cater for this, the best business schools now have very interesting part-time MBA courses.
These can take place after work, at weekends, during holiday periods, and are extremely demanding on the student. After all, balancing the rigors of a full-time job, family, and social life are quite enough for most people, so adding a very demanding MBA degree on top is a big challenge.