Who to follow on Twitter

When you’re using Twitter for business and personal branding, you think a lot about gaining followers – but followers are only half of the Twitter equation. To get the most out of Twitter, you also need to figure out who to follow. So how do you know who to follow?

Who to follow obviously depends on your business and marketing interests. Of course, you’ll want to follow some of the big names in your field just so that you can keep abreast of industry developments. Don’t just follow, though – engage in the conversation. Tweeting something pithy about a hot topic is a great way to draw in followers – but of course you can’t comment unless you know what that hot topic is. Time puts out a list of Twitter accounts to follow every year, so check that list out and find some that are relevant to you. Remember, even if you stay on top of industry developments through traditional news sources, reading a HuffPo or New York Times article alone won’t help you gain followers.

Another type of company to follow is one that’s having trouble, whether or not it’s in your industry. Why? It’s a great way to learn about crisis management in 140 characters or less. Thus, during the auto industry bailout was a great time to follow car companies. Some social media heads handled the controversial time with aplomb – and some, well, not so much.

Following companies that tweet creatively can also be a good idea. Oreo is one of the major brands best known for its witty and timely use of tweets for self-promotion. Dos Equis has a similar combination of promotional and humor. Nike, on the other hand, sets out to make its tweets thought-provoking and motivational. Charmin frequently combines current news with a humorous brand-related comment. No matter what your industry, following Twitter pros like these can teach you a thing or two about Twitter.

Who do you follow? Is there a company I missed? Shout out below and let me know.

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