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This book specifically explains what Kaizen is and from where it actually originated. It has a unique set of aspects regarding the Kaizen for your better understanding. Kaizen is significantly more than a world-class management practice; it is a method to expel fear from our minds, empowering us to find a way to better things. The procedure of progress begins with mindfulness and desire in our brains and after that prompts activity and change in the physical world.

To flourish in today’s highly competitive economy, associations need to work more adequately and beneficially than in any other time. Working on developing people who are good at problem solving, expanding productivity, enhancing quality, and decreasing waste are crucial achievement elements. This guide focuses more on Gemba Kaizen philosophy rather than on an individual’s personal life. Although this is a philosophy that can explain and help in all sorts of issues. Its major focus is on how to improve the workplace for better results and increased productivity.

This book gives the readers a lot of information about the famous Japanese Kaizen philosophy especially:

What is Kaizen?
Its three pillars
Principles and tools

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