What Should I Read Next? Book Recommendations

Lean Project Management Explained

The concepts that form the fundamental principles of Lean were initially developed by Taiichi Ohno in the creation of the venerated Toyota Production System (TPS). Ohno employed techniques such as jidoka (intelligent automation), Just-in-Time manufacturing, Kanban (visual ordering systems), kaizen (continuous improvement), and Heijunka (production balancing) to revolutionize production in Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing plants. In his book, The Machine that Changed the World, James Womack christened the TPS a ‘Lean’ system and the term has since been used to describe any manufacturing or operating system that utilizes a similar methodology. Lean helped Toyota race ahead of GM to take the top-spot in global vehicle manufacture, and it has since laid the foundation for phenomenal success in myriad companies and organizations.

Lean is extremely versatile, as can be seen in the profound effect it has had on the success of organizations in wide-ranging sectors of business – from manufacture to government administration. This versatility does not end with the overhaul of company cultures and production systems in different industry sectors. Lean can be adapted and utilized on a much smaller scale: project management.

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Financial Goal Setting Explained

No matter what stage of life you are at, and regardless of your personal circumstances or financial position, all of us have hopes and dreams for the future. Some people have small aspirations, while some of us like to dream big. But just how do we go about making these dreams reality?

One solution is to create a life road map, where you set goals to guide you over the next few decades. Research has proven that individuals who set goals and targets for themselves – whether it be in their personal or professional lives – are likely to do better than those who are content to amble along not really planning for the future at all.

When you apply goal setting to your finances or your business, the results are even more profound. Through this book you’ll discover why goal setting is so important and how a little time and effort on your part to create a robust life plan can really help boost your finances and lay the foundations for exactly the kind of future you want for you, your family, and your business.

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Investment Basics Explained

Do you want to take control of your financial life but don’t know where to start looking for information? Have you been contemplating the idea of investing but lack the guidance needed to kick start your way into your financial endeavors? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. The following book is designed for enterprising people like you, aspiring investors wishing to grasp the essentials of investing, discover the opportunities the financial industry has to offer and to expand their financial expertise in order to develop a proper investment strategy. The information gathered here will help you discover everything from how to read the market, how to choose a broker, how to assess financial risk, respectively why planning is important to tips to beating the market, investing in businesses you are familiar with, how to think and act like an owner, and guidelines for growing your wealth. Here, we’ve put together some of the proven rules and fundamental instructions to help demystify the topic of investing. Think of it as a handy, easy-to-use guide to get you started in an area that you want to study and understand.

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