What is workflow?

The workflow is known as automation of work processes and group work for the successful achievement of tasks. Essentially all workflow involves a detailed study of all operational aspects of a work activity, i.e., how to perform and structure the tasks, how to order them, how to synchronize them, etc. One of the main activities of this analysis is to automate the sequence of tasks, actions or activities to run the process, with the subsequent monitoring of the state of each one of the parts of the project and the necessary tools to carry out the procedure.

There are three kinds of activities in workflows: corporate activities, collaborative activities and coordination activities. Also there are two main categories to highlight: ad hoc workflow and procedural workflow. With workflows seeks to reduce the time and increase the speed in performing a job through the use of processes, people and machines. It also simplifies staff mobility work, machining methods, providing mechanisms for control and monitoring of company procedure, wean workflow, etc. It can be very significant in the work of inventory management as document management.