What is the business process management?

The business process management (known by its initials BPM in English) involves systematizing the processes of the organization. The purpose of this effort is to make businesses more competitive and successful through a significant improvement in the service offered to the customer. The business process management is summarized in three key elements: effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility to adapt to permanent changes affecting the real world of business today. It is important to note that the processes are not isolated events. The process of a particular department is always linked to another department.

 The business process management is more efficient in certain industries that have many processes such as health, finance, insurance, utilities, etc. These businesses are characterized by maintaining a close relationship with human knowledge, databases and process flows to produce specific end results, such as a home loan. It is important to note that this type of management provides the infrastructure to support communications made ​​from person to person, system to system, person to system and vice versa through a data collection, storage and fully automated use. Definitely, this business process management has a highly positive impact on customer service and retention of these, the timing and quality of services as the use of available resources.