What Is the Best Management Style

Many times we ask the question: what is the best management style that I must follow? And the answer is not going to be as simple as asking the question. Because there isnĀ“t definitely a management style that fits every person and every situation. The great world leaders find ways to adapt their styles. Management styles vary according to the personality of the people who occupy the role of managers or administrators. There are some people who are autocratic and manage a group of individuals subordinate to their commands, while others are democratic and consult other people how to act and consider their opinions as very important.

Definitely, there are certain factors that influence the management style that a person can have. One is personality: the attitude of how to treat others, the degree of confidence in their skills, self-confidence to cope with certain situations, etc. Another key factor is the work team. There are teams that have great experience in what they do and do not intend to accept any kind of opinion of people outside the group. On the other hand, others prefer to be led and guided by someone with more experience in the task to perform. The situation is also another deciding factor when it comes to management style. Here there are influential factors such as the culture of the organization, the degree to which the situation will affect the group, time obligations that can make it dispensable to consult more experienced people.