Quality Management of a Project

There are six main keys to keep in mind in order to manage the quality of your project properly.

The first one is, of course, to have a good plan right from the start. I’ve already said this several times, and the reason for that is because I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good plan before you begin the project. If you plan poorly, you will need to put so much more effort into management, and will have to deal with so much more stress. The steps to be followed are Plan, Do, Check, Act.

The next tip is to communicate properly. Communication is something that is a must for project managers to maintain with other team members and shareholders. Project managers should always have excellent communication skills. If you don’t, then spend some time researching and practicing until you improve. You need to learn how to encourage both formal and informal discussion about expectation, ideas, progress, etc.

The third key is to involve the shareholders. This includes anyone that can influence or be influenced by the outcomes of the project. So, pinpoint each and every shareholder, take note of any worries they might have as well as any information they need to know, and then come up with a means of providing them with this information.
The fourth key is to go through all of the key outcomes of the project and measure whether those outcomes are being achieved or not. This should be done at an individual level as well as a team level (if you are working in a team), and is best done regularly right from the time the project begins. This will allow you to identify and tackle any issues early on.

This tie in with the next tip: to tackle things early. All of your measurements will be useless if you don’t make use of them and act early when it comes to facing issues. Procrastination is not an option!
The last tip is to review your progress regularly to keep the project on track and help improve employees. This is another step that will help identify problems early on.