What is Lean Management?

The lean management is a tool that was introduced in the business world for the first time in Japan and allowed the growth of one of the largest car brands in the world: the multinational company Toyota. Technically, this concept involves using a set of tools and concepts that have been used for decades in companies around the world, from different sectors of production, both large and small businesses. It essentially consists of everything which opposes the “waste” and is used by firms that unattainably seek the total elimination of activities that generate only cost to the product or service offered.

What is sought with lean management is creating what the market requires, the quantity in the appropriate time and place and cost. In short and simple terms, is to generate more with less. And this involves not only workers, but to all the resources that are included in the production line. The primary goal with this system is to study and analyze the various areas of a company to identify the flaws or limitations that prevent the company be more efficient they are. Through these analyzes can achieve substantial changes within the organization, increasing productivity without investing more capital.