What Is Business Management

The administration is known as the process required to building and maintaining over time a climate in which people who work in groups can achieve certain efficiency in selected goals. This concept applies to all kinds of companies, from small businesses to multinational corporations. In basic terms, business management involves shaping to organizations in a consistent and constant way.

Each organization has different people occupying certain roles to achieve its goals: the manager, administrator, secretary, etc. The manager is responsible for the management functions in relation to activities that contribute to shaping to organizations. Measuring the effectiveness of a manager is associated to the degree that determines and achieves the objectives. In turn, administrators are those individuals in an organization concerned with directing the activities of others. They may also have some operational functions. They are usually classified into two types: first-line administrators, who are known as supervisors generally and on the other hand, mid-level administrators who possess certain titles as heads of departments or offices, project leader, head of unit, etc. Administrators usually hold titles of vice president, president, chancellor, managing director, CEO etc.