What is a strategic planning process?

It is a process that is mainly characterized by systematic development and implementation of plans to achieve goals or purposes. This kind of planning is used in military affairs and military activities. As it relates to business, the strategic planning process is often used to provide overall direction to a company in different kinds of strategies such as financial strategies, strategies for developing human and organizational resources. This kind of strategic planning is really important for organizations, given that the course to follow for the same is defined in its aims and objectives.

The strategic planning process can be defined as the art of formulating and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable the organization to achieve its goals. The strategy is the determination of long-term goals and choosing the necessary resources to satisfy them. Do not confuse objectives with strategies. The strategies are those approaches that are essential to fulfill our mission. While the objectives are the steps to achieve in order to meet that strategy and are always reaching. Proper planning should always be clear to know what is involved and where it aims to reach goals.