Vital managerial skills

Hiring a manager can be a difficult endeavor. While many companies rely on internal promotion systems to fill management positions, the truth is that an employee, even one with leadership skills, might not make a very good manager in spite of previous positive performance reviews.

In order to make sure your candidates will make good managers, you need to make sure they possess a few key managerial skills which will help them coordinate the activity of those under their supervision. Here are those skills:

1. Setting SMART Objectives

A great manager will know that the objectives he assigns to the employees need to be SMART – specific, measurable, affordable, realistic, and time-bound. These objectives need to be accompanied by clear performance and progress indicators which will help him assess if things are on the right track, and what changes he needs to make to adapt along the way.

2. Giving constructive feedback

Managers need to be able to give feedback to employees, both when they do well and when they don’t.  Proper feedback needs to be specific, and needs to be given soon after the action took place. While positive feedback should be given in front of everybody, negative feedback should be given in private, and should be constructive. The manager must also be willing to hear the employee’s part of the story, and his or her perspective on things. Negative feedback should always end with a suggestion on what the employee should do the next time in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

3. Strategic planning

Managers need to be able to envision the direction in which the business is heading. Good manager need to be able to identify those areas where efficiency can be improved, and must be aware of how the company and the competition are doing on the market, and of how he can help improve the overall  performance of the company compared to that of competing businesses.