Universality of leadership

Among the vastly different cultures and lifestyles that exist on our planet, there are few points of total unification that all humans understand in some way. The universal Hierarchy of Needs that include water, food, and shelter are about as close as our species gets to genuine common ground. However, there is one other factor that affects every culture from the Inuits of Greenland to the existentialists of France, and the peasants working on Chinese rice paddies to the cultural elite of Rio de Janeiro. In more primitive times, it was described or understood as a social hierarchy or a natural pecking order of leaders and followers. As time passed and organizational skills flourished, the requirements for survival and function grew exponentially, and with it, the need for leadership and order. Granted, different areas of the world have progressed in very different ways; some have leaped forward into modernity and the proverbial “first world”, while those at the other extreme have held firm to their ancient roots. The space between these two outliers is populated by countless other variations of cultural advancement. Despite the massive span of cultural and social systems that are represented around the globe, the concept of leadership and order exists in some way.

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