The one thing great companies do

Change will always be an intimidating idea for certain companies. It requires a refocusing of attention, a slightly higher risk, and a good amount of time and energy. However, it is also essential. Furthermore, when that change is towards something as beneficial and logical as company happiness, then the decision should be simple. Unfortunately, that common sense conclusion is not true for every business working in the world today. During my time consulting with and advising dozens of companies around the world, I saw the need for a philosophical change in terms of company happiness, but a lack of information on how to do it efficiently and effectively. Mediocre companies can’t become good, nor can good companies become great, if they don’t make satisfaction and happiness a prominent, perhaps even primary, goal.

I saw companies struggling for a variety of reasons, but many of their inherent problems could be traced back to a fundamental problem of not pursuing or achieving happiness in some facet of their business. Some pieces of my advice to the companies I worked with are reflected in this book, but those words of wisdom had never been put in a concrete or comprehensive form like this. After extensive research and the real life experiences of watching companies implement happiness strategies, I felt confident enough to write a handbook for others. A lack of happiness in a business is a major, negative factor, although it is easy to overlook or misdiagnose as a company’s underlying problem.

I have dedicated my career to fixing problems and providing solutions for business professionals, so writing this book was a way of continuing that dissemination of knowledge and business expertise to thousands of companies. When companies increase happiness, productivity increases, consumer satisfaction rates go up, economies thrive, motivation surges, and innovation occurs. This sort of large-scale progress benefits industries and companies across the board, so there is no need to hide the secrets of company happiness from anyone that can benefit. If the consumers, leaders, innovators, stakeholders, and consumers of the world were happier for one reason or another, the business landscape might be a very different place. This is the one thing great companies do. By choosing to involve yourself in the business world, you are putting yourself in a position to make sweeping, positive changes to culture, technology, commerce, and business theory. You are doing a disservice to your company and yourself if you do not include happiness as a prominent focal point of your strategy. That is what this book is truly about, and that is what I hope my readers will take away from it. There is no reason for happiness to be ignored or discarded in modern business structure; in fact, it should be the responsibility of a company to spread and embrace happiness as an avenue towards greater success and a better world.

I wrote Happy Company as a way to reach the largest possible audience, in order to make some of these techniques and strategies universally accepted and aspired to. Sharing my business knowledge and spreading the wisdom of others whom I have come in contact with is my passion, and this latest book is only one in an ongoing series of manuals and guidebooks for smarter business, stronger leadership, and a happier, more creative life. These are some of the undeniable directions that modern business and culture are headed; I wanted to make sure that Happy Company was a valuable part of that knowledge economy. As we continue to move forward in this next generation, happiness will remain an integral part of company success, and the lessons within this book will become even more sought after and significant. For me, there was no choice but to write this book, because seeing problems and finding happy solutions is at the very root of success for both business and life. Those of you reading this book will soon understand that just as well as I do. Once you possess and understand the tools that can lead to company happiness, the potential for positive change in your business is limitless; keep moving forward.

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Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.