The Intuit strategy: tools for success

At Intuit, the idea of software technology and financial organization is approached with the excitement and dynamism that you might find at far larger or traditionally “innovative” companies like Google or Virgin. However, if the modern world of business has shown anything, it is that innovation and dynamic growth is essential across every industry, and in every aspect of our functional society. What Intuit does better than many of its competitors is assess the needs of the changing world and adapt to fit into it earlier and more effectively. They are the company responsible for Quicken, the organizational software for tax and financial needs, and for 30 years, they have continued to dominate that industry. Turbotax, another of their innovative products remains the most trusted name in personal and corporate finance software, and although it is not the sexiest or most attractive industry, it is a necessary one. Their growth and development doesn’t come from a select group of innovative thinkers, but rather through the communal spirit of ingenuity and creativity that is fostered in every department, and in every pay grade.

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Can Akdeniz

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