The Hasbro strategy

Hasbro has a unique summertime Friday policy that lasts all year long, in every department and in every facility around the world. Every single Friday is a half-day of work. This works to the company’s advantage as well as the individual employees. It might seem like a company might lose a half-day of productivity and functionality, but by keeping the work standards high, they encourage employees to use that free time wisely, and respect the privilege. Some employees who may not have plans that weekend will stay and work longer hours if they want, in order to get further ahead for the next week. Other employees take the half-day as a motivating tool to work harder the rest of the week, in anticipation of their free time, and to make up for any potential work they might not be able to accomplish during that time. It is a unique reward system that makes employees feel appreciated, and it reflects the company’s genuine interest in their employees’ social and family lives.

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