The first steps in setting up a business

Starting a business is a long-term commitment to excellence. It requires discipline, knowledge, determination, but most of all motivation. Here are the first steps in setting up a business:


1. Deciding on the area of activity of your business

The most important thing is to decide on an area in which you are experienced, or which you are very passionate about. However, ensure that you are going into a profitable industry. Investing in a business in a soon-to-disappear industry is, as you’ve probably guessed, a very bad idea.

2. Write a plan

Having a business plan can be a tremendous advantage for a newly opened business. It gives you insight on how the industry works, what your competition is doing, and what areas you need to focus in order to make it on the market. This level of information will lead to higher profits and sales.

3. Funding

Any business needs a starting investment. It’s up to you to find the money to finance your dream. Of course, depending on the business, you might only need a few thousand dollars – which is not a huge amount. However, some business opportunities will involve much larger investments. This is why you need to be able to identify potential investment sources and convince them your business plan is solid.

4. Choose a business name and logo

While it may not sound important, the name you choose for a business can be the key to success. A name has a lot of power, and can add some to your products. Similarly, the logo can make your products very memorable for potential customers, and a memorable product is a better selling one.


Following these steps is just the beginning. There are many other things you need to get done in order to launch your business, from getting your license and decorating your office to starting to hire your future team. However, these 4 steps represent the initial phase, which is vital to the success of any business.