The evolution of business administration

The fact that the world of business has radically changed in recent decades is not a shocking revelation to most people in the world. Increasing globalization, constant advancements in knowledge-sharing technology, and a restructuring of traditional business hierarchies have made companies across the globe re-think the way they function. However, behind the sweeping changes that can be seen on the surface of business models are the smaller levels of detail that also must restructure and adapt to the changing times.

Business administration has traditionally been based in a dichotomy of control. At each level of a business, there are employers and employees, bosses and workers. To make a company function successfully, the supervisors were responsible for controlling the output of the workers and making sure that their jobs were done promptly and efficiently according to their job description. This basic model of business functioned for many decades, in every industry from manual laborers to office workers, but this style is beginning to show its’ age, and for a company to keep up in increasingly competitive markets, business administration must evolve.

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