The boom of creativity

The single most important force that has driven humanity forward from lighting fires in caves to leaving footsteps on the moon has been creativity. Throughout history, the act of creation and the desire to make something new has laid the groundwork for everything we now take for granted, and will continue to shape our future. Whether it is the art of Jeff Koons, the business savvy of Sergey Brin, the architecture of Zaha Hadid, or Netflix’s forced evolution of online business, creativity is the major driving force behind our progress, success, and hope for a brighter future.

Just as the world changes, so too does the manner of creation, and some of the factors that impacted creativity 50 years ago are simply not relevant. In this modern age of hyper-connectivity and instant communication, everything that we used to know seems almost obsolescent, or in the process of being replaced. We are witnessing a boom of creativity in all fields.

I think it is essential that people understand that creativity is not out of reach, regardless of your socioeconomic level, cultural background, gender, or educational experience. As we have seen demonstrated throughout history, creativity has often arisen in unlikely places, and that tradition of unexpected brilliance continues today. Unfortunately, I think that there is a growing belief that creativity is narrowing into a few select fields, and that those are the industries and disciplines that are changing the world. That is simply not true, and although a massive focus in recent years has been on the development of certain technologies, it is a fallacy to assume that creativity is not still a vibrant and essential possibility in countless other areas of life.

Creativity is alive and well across the world and within more than a dozen varied fields of expertise!