10 Tips to Improve Team Performance

Finding it hard to get your team working well together? Here is my top 10 tips to improve your team performance!

1. Create a good environment

Make it clear to the whole team that the workplace needs to be treated with dignity and respect. Observe how each of the members communicates with each other; their tone of voice, language, body language etc.

2. Motivation is key!
Talk to your team and find out what makes them inspired. It’s often not about the money — see this McKinsey Quarterly piece on Motivating people: Getting beyond money.

3. Goal setting
Set goals for the team. This is a way for you to lead them but also something for the team to strive for.
When setting goals, make them attainable. If you have one big objective, break it down and set goals that can be attained in a shorter period of time rather than months from now. Achieving the smaller goals makes it easier for the team and gets them motivated to continue towards the overall goal.

4. Praise
Employees like to know what they’re doing is right. Show them that you appreciate their work.
Give kudos to show your acknowledge their hard work. Try Rypple, for easy public recognition.

5. Feedback
Employees always want to know how they’re doing. Constantly provide continuous feedback to your team.

6. Lead by example
If you want your team to improve their performance, then improve yours! Be an example of what you want your team to look like.

7. Communication
Have a continuous flow of communication throughout the team. Make sure you are involved too. Open communication is important for a team to work well together.
Make it easy and comfortable for employees to approach you.  If a team member can’t approach you, it creates a tense environment.

8. Delegate
If you delegate effectively to team members, it frees up some more time for you and you can manage the team better. Make sure you delegate the responsibilities to the right people – it will keep them learning.

9. Hold them accountable
This is a hard part of the job, but very necessary! Stay on top of individual performances, if one person is lacking, the whole team will too.

10. Keep it light
You want people to enjoy their work, if they don’t, they won’t want to do their work.
Try scheduling something once a month to have fun with the group and interact outside of work.
As a manager you need to be a supporter of that fun!
The way a team can work together denotes how successful the company is or will be.

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