7 Best Self Help Books of 2014

We picked 7 best self help books of 2014 for you:

Organize Your Brain 

As much as this could surprise you, the basis for getting things done, the first step that can make a difference between a doer and a don’t-er is the TO-DO LIST, or, more precisely, the way one creates such a list. That is because a to-do list is not just a piece of paper on which you jot down some things you need to do – it’s an extremely useful instrument, a lot more complex than that. It is an indispensable tool for your success. This book will teach you how to create this sort of tool: general principles, the steps you need to take in making a list, the things you need to avoid, specific tips and techniques to be more efficient and more.

Kill Time Wasters 

Not enough time to get things done? Not enough energy to do all the things you love doing, the things that are really, really important to you? Too much stress in your life and too little satisfaction? The reason for all this is less dramatic and more common than you think, and he cure is much simpler than you can imagine.

Regain the control over the big things in your life by eliminating all the little time wasters that cut into your creativity and focus each day. Do you often wonder how you can find time to meet all your needs, the needs of your family and still keep your inventiveness alive, when so much is shouting out for your attention every minute, maybe even now, as you are reading this?

Then you are saved. This book is your time-wasters proof vest – full of practical and extremely efficient tips and tactics to master your calendar and communication, and filter out the informational debris that takes up space in your mind and your life altogether.

What Is Your Strategy  

Strategy is probably the most significant thing all history’s winners, today’s leaderships and successful people have in common. When it comes to saving, whether it’s time, money or even lives, nothing beats a good strategy. The best way to improve the quality of your life and business is to learn to develop good strategies. If you are ready to make that step, this book will be of great help throughout the process.

It offers a realistic guide to taking an inspirational outlook and making it work in your daily life but also in your most ambitious business venture. The approach used is one that goes straight for the core of the inefficiency, making you realize what causes a lack of progress and teaches how to think in a way that helps you always find the best move or plan of action to overcome all the challenges you encounter.

Do You Have a Plan? 

This book will dig out the master planner that has been hiding inside of you, and who is hungry for getting things done and having fun while doing it. It’s ironic how much time and energy we dedicate to figuring out how to plan an entertaining evening out, how to make our one-week trip to an exotic place unforgettable or how to make others feel bad for things they’ve done to us or, yet when it comes to figuring out how to make our life easier, better and happier, we tend to put any sort of planning aside.

7 Habits of Highly Charismatic People 

7 Habits of Highly Charismatic People reveals in detail the engine that propels all those “special” people that we find captivating and shows you how to build such an engine for yourself by acquiring those traits that will turn you into a human magnet.

7 Habits of Highly Self Confident People 

You already have various habits which pay off more on less in terms of what you want from life – how about replacing some of those habits or adding seven more and finally become that highly confident and successful person you can truly be? Confidence is what you get when you have cultivated the right habits. This book reveals them to you along with the tips on how to apply them.

Organize Every Day 

Organize Every Day will teach you a fast and proven-to-work, easy way to go to a joyful, proudly productive, goal accomplisher. The ‘secret’ lies in how you plan and organize your days. Yes, that is all it takes. And no, those people you know and see ticking goal after goal on their lists do not necessarily had more opportunities or advantages as you and certainly do not have more than 24 hours on their hands to get things done.

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