How to increase passion and motivation at workplace

When you look around your company, what impression do you get? Is the work floor filled with passionate employees actively engrossed in working on their various tasks and projects? Does the atmosphere crackle with electric buzz of an energized workforce exchanging ideas and collaborating to find solutions? Is there a tangible sense of positive energy? All too often, the picture that you will actually see is one of downtrodden or stressed-out employees, running fingers through their hair, chewing fingernails and staring blankly at their computer screens – waiting for inspiration and motivation to come from… somewhere. Their minds are anywhere but on their work. This workplace is defined by lethargy, boredom and mild desperation; it lacks passion and positivity. So, what’s going wrong? (more…)

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3 ways to stay motivated

Has your get-up-and-go got up and went? Sometimes staying motivated can be tricky, especially when it comes to doing tasks you don’t like – chores, work, exercise. If you’re having trouble meeting the world with the same zest and elan as usual, here are three simple suggestions that can help you stay motivated:

1) Nurture your energy. Make sure you get enough sleep. Eat properly. Take care of yourself in all the basic ways your mom would tell you to. Although being well-rested is not motivating in and of itself, it can be very hard to stay motivated when you’re sleep deprived.

2) Get help. Sometimes your lack of motivation is related to a lack of support. Maybe you don’t have the knowledge or tools at your disposal to complete the task in the most efficient way – so go find someone who does. Maybe the way you’re approaching the task at hand is the most efficient way, but hearing someone else confirm that can give you the confidence you need to approach the job with a more positive and productive mindset.

3) Track your success. Once you’ve gotten started on a task, acknowledging your incremental accomplishments can help you stay motivated to complete it and also to move on to the next task. For some people, that means making to-do lists and enjoying the sense of completion that accompanies crossing off each item. For physical tasks, it may just mean stepping back to take a look at your work every so often.

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