14 qualities and tactics of great companies

Happy Company

Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, 3M, GE, and Intuit: Something unites all of these high profile companies in an essential way – a new business philosophy. They have earned such spectacular success and respect by setting happiness as a primary goal, knowing that with a foundation of joy, creativity, and excitement, nothing is impossible

Here are 14 qualities and tactics of great companies:

Spreading Joy: Overall company happiness has to begin with a fundamental company culture of spreading joy to consumers and the public.

Impacting Positively: Being a beneficial force in the world will lead to happier workers that are proud of their company.

Respecting Talent: Take advantage of the talents and skills of your workers and utilize them to their full potential.

Building Connections: Work should be an opportunity to create friendships and connections with like-minded people, and that bond will result in collaboration, productivity, and innovation.

Being Rewarded: Money isn’t the only way to reward workers for their performance; emotional or creative compensation can be a powerful way to strengthen employee loyalty.

Staying Grounded: A company must pay attention to the interests and desires of their customers, employees, and community, in order to fit in, yet still stand out.

Serving Others: Innovative customer service shows consumers that you care and employees that you trust them.

Leading Wisely: Leaders need to epitomize the company culture in every way, leading by example to inspire loyalty and progress.

Maximizing Resources: Be sure to provide all the necessary tools, both physical, motivational, and intellectual, which are needed for employees to be successful.

Making Money: There is nothing wrong with being profitable, particularly if you boost the trust of your shareholders and use your success to develop long-term goals.

Balancing Time: Perfecting a healthy balance between the professional and personal spheres is essential for a happy company.

Improving Reputation: When the people of the world know your name, be sure that they have good things to say about it.

Thinking Creatively: Abandon old ways of thinking and let the natural creativity and innovation within your company drive you forward.

Feeling Valued: Workers are invested, involved, and irreplaceable components of any company; reward them accordingly.

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