The Facebook business strategy: connecting employees

There are plenty of reasons why Facebook has been consistently ranked as one of the happiest companies to work at. In fact, it usually tops the list. Like many other technology titans, Facebook does offer a rather spectacular list of perks that make every employee spend less money and have a lot more fun while technically at work, but that isn’t unique in the digital corporation sphere, and companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo offer similarly attractive benefits.

Yet, Facebook still manages to edge them in the area of employee satisfaction, and consistently brings in new employees who recently cut ties with some of those other prestigious companies. It begs the question, what is it that Facebook does so well, and in an age where corporate secrets are few and far between, how are they the company consistently doing it the best?

I suppose you need to examine the underlying function of Facebook itself; it is a space where people can meet, get to know one another, share information, and stay connected with new ideas from all over the world, all from the comfort of their smartphone or computer. Facebook as a company strives to bring together some of the finest and most creative minds available on the job market, allow them to mingle, brainstorm with one another, collaborate and share innovative ideas, and turn those ideas into something that could benefit over a billion people all over the world, all while doing it in a comfortable space that feels like home. The reflection of the company structure and philosophy for its users is so close to that of its employees that it is no surprise that they are so happy to stay there. They are able to use their job as a real-life social network (almost like the good old days when people only had real life social networks…) and get paid to change the world, all at the same time.

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