How to influence your boss

People have different personalities, so not every boss is going to be a cool boss. However, you will probably be a big help to your company – and to your boss – if you can help make them more innovative. And hopefully, once you convince your boss to be more innovative, they’ll open their mind up a little more and take a step closer to becoming a cool boss.

Whether you’re looking to influence your boss to improve your standing at the company or simply because you think it’s the right thing to do, here are a few things that you can do to help your boss become more innovative:

  • Visit start-ups with your boss. Start-ups are a hotbed of innovation and new ideas – and one day they might be the competition.
  • Talk to young customers and share the results with your boss. Young customers are not only an important demographics, but they can also be the impetus for countless innovative ideas.
  • Have a trend analyst talk with your boss. Trend analysts study the forefront of innovation, so they can tell your boss all about the newest innovations in the industry.
  • Research successful new business models – and email the info to your boss. If you want your boss to act in a certain way, one of the best motivators is to provide proof that others have done it in the past and succeeded. So, if you want your boss to be cool and innovative, find examples of other bosses who have done the same and succeeded.

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