New book release: The Art of Hacking

I am glad to share with you my latest book “The Art of Hacking”!

The world as it exists today is barely recognizable as the same world that existed on hundred, or even fifty, years ago. The last century has seen innovation after innovation reshape and revolutionize almost every aspect of human existence. Far from bringing us to an end point – a settled state in which no further innovation is possible – the rate of change has increased exponentially in recent decades. It seems that we a set firmly on a path of endless enhancement. This leads us to ask: where does innovation come from, and how does it happen?

The answer, quite simply, is people. People have ideas. People strive to make their ideas a reality. Through this, people create change. We call these people hackers. A hack is a small change to the recognized way of doing things, which leads to a large-scale increase in efficiency, success, or achievement. Hackers break the rules and change the game. Hackers are the most important members of our society, of any society, as they hold the power to shape the future.

This book celebrates the lives and achievements of some of history’s greatest hackers: from Tim Berners-Lee to Jack Dorsey, from Leonardo da Vinci to Steve Jobs. Learn about who they were and how they functioned. Discover the characteristics that allow hackers to keep pushing forward, innovating, revolutionizing industries and changing the world.

Enjoy it!

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