11 qualities of today's greatest leaders

Cool Boss by Can Akdeniz

The new generation of leaders are blazing trails into new areas of thought, altering cultural identity through innovative products, and selflessly giving back to the world in a wide variety of ways. On top of that, they look cool doing it, which is a growing trend in modern business theory that is paying off in a big way. The qualities that define the careers and mentality of the cool, new generation of leaders are specifically designed to fit within the modern world, leaving the obsolete and antiquated modes of leadership behind.

Here are 11 qualities of great and cool leaders:

Admirable – Being a cool leader means having a personal style, approach, and passion that other people will want to follow.

Accessible – Transparency and open lines of communication are essential to create an efficient and enjoyable work environment.

Innovative – Cool leaders must be creative and visionary thought leaders in order to move their company and industry forward.

Supportive – Great leaders know that their employees are uniquely talented and innovative assets that must be treated with respect, rather than like nameless cogs in the machine that can easily be replaced.

Humble – Becoming a business mogul doesn’t mean forgetting about where you came from, and the power of that leadership position should be used to help others around the world.

Passionate – It is not enough to simply be good at a job; a modern leader must genuinely care about what they do and channel that energy into perpetual growth and progress.

Responsible – Self-serving leaders are a thing of the past; giving back to society and being an agent of positive change is a vital aspect of today’s business world.

Adaptive – To stay at the forefront of an industry, leaders must be able to constantly evolve and embrace the fact that the only constant is change.

Charismatic – A cool leader should be able to consistently inspire people with their passion, while also backing up their compelling words with tangible plans, realistic goals, and strong decisions.

Daring – Big rewards typically come after big risks, so the greatest leaders aren’t afraid to leap into the unknown and see where they land; discovery and innovation require a lot of courage.

Collaborative – Cool leaders need to trust in the experience, expertise, and intelligence of the people around them, while understanding that a team effort will create a wider and more creative approach to problem solving and innovation.

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