Should you buy Kindle Paperwhite Touch? Read this review first

E-book readers have been getting upgrades with the increased sophistication of technology and improved user satisfaction. In that view, Kindle Paperwhite is a right step in this direction with improvement in screen lighting and touch screen capability. Although, in the beginning I was not inclined towards buying an e-book reader over the print reading of books and magazines, but with the enhanced features of Kindle Paperwhite and the ease of carrying it as well as reading it whether in sunlight or dark, made me change my orientation towards e-book readers completely. This e-book reader has made me an avid reader even during short trips and catching those few pages of reading just before sleeping. Let’s talk about some wonderful features of Kindle Paperwhite Touch that have impressed me and some things that I am still wanting from my e-reader.

First the things which I like the most about it and made me to go for this Kindle version in comparison to others:

Although the size of Kindle Paperwhite Touch is same as that of the Paperwhite only at 6.7 * 4.6 * 0.36 inches, but it is little lighter from the latter’s 7.8 ounces to Paperwhite Touch’s 7.3 ounces which makes it easier to hold and read for longer time.

While researching from other user’s reviews, I found that Paperwhite Touch comes with a better lighting than its predecessor. While using this device, I found out that there are no issues with the lighting which is bright as well as uniform across the screen. Also, one doesn’t need to switch on lights while reading at night or in a dark room with the help of Paperwhite Touch’s front lighting feature.

In comparison to the previous Kindle versions, the resolution of Paperwhite Touch is better from 169 ppi of that of former’s to 212 ppi. But the touch screen of Paperwhite touch is more responsive which has made turning of pages on either side easier and faster and without losing any moment you are on the next page.

The screen of Kindle Paperwhite Touch is also very responsive to the level of light in its atmosphere. When you are outdoors, this device adapts itself to the day light and you can read on it without any problem with very clear screen unlike screens of other electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets which glare in sun making it difficult to see the content on screen.

The battery life is good. Based on my usage so far, I have been charging my kindle once a week and it is performing very well so far.

A few things that I keep wanting from my Kindle are:

The device does not come with a wall adapter but only a USB cable charger and if one does not have a USB wall adapter, than it becomes a bit tiresome to charge it though your laptop every time.

I keep wanting for more memory in my kindle reader, as I download on a spree and I am afraid I might have to delete a few books soon for making more space in my Kindle.

I did not use any e-reader before, but this device has definitely changed my views about e-readers making reading experience more practical and enjoyable with the awesome features it provides. If you have not tried an e-reader before, I am sure Kindle Paperwhite Touch is the one you would want to be your first.