Should you buy Google Nexus 7? Read this review first

Nexus 7 with its improved features is the new favorite among the android users. With its 7 inch big screen and sturdy battery life, the second generation Nexus 7 is one of the best options available, may be right after iPad mini, but then android has its own clout of users and they might prefer to go with Nexus 7 than the iOS enable iPad mini.

Nexus 7 has a great screen as well as scores high on its performance, although a few things keep wanting such as the lack of the capability to insert a micro-SD card. Let’s talk about the awesome features and a few glitches of this new generation Nexus 7 which is vying the other tablet makers of its market:

1. The look of the new Nexus 7 is sleek with the back which is made of soft-touch plastic which makes it easier and comfortable to hold or keep onto your lap while using without the fear of the tablet falling or sliding down. Although look wise the iPad mini which has aluminium back is still better but in terms of utility that is a good grip, Nexus 7 fares much better.

2. The new Nexus 7 weighs about 50 gms lesser than its predecessor and has minor changes in its dimensions. The reduction in weight has made it easier to use it while holding for longer.

3. The new Nexus 7 has improved its screen to retina class with resolution of 1920*1200 and 323 pixels per inch which is the best in class so far leaving iPad mini far behind. This has led to a clear almost razor sharp screen on which text and images can be viewed without any pixilation even on zooming up.

4. The sound quality is much improved with surround sound speakers. The earlier speakers on Nexus 7 were not performing up to the mark and this change to surround speakers is welcome.

5. The camera in Nexus 7 is of 5 MP which is same as that of its competitor iPad mini but the image quality of the camera is not that great and performs even worse in the low light.

6. The new Nexus 7 also does not have the slot to insert microSD card for additional memory just like its predecessor. So the people who have greater memory usage and you download music and videos a lot than you might want to go for the higher memory model of 32 GB than the one with 16 GB memory.

7. The operating software has been upgraded to the Jelly Bean or Android 4.3. The new features that come with an upgraded OS are the gesture keyboard which predicts the words as they are typed to make typing quicker and easier. Another improvement is in the notifications which are now easier to view and take action on them making the device usage smarter and efficient.

8. One can create multiple profiles on the jelly bean OS so that your data and sensitive information is safe from any other user as well as restricting the access to kids.

The new Nexus 7 has many improvements over its predecessor with sleek design and faster performance, although a few things such as the microSD slot and camera quality still remain wanting. Still in the budget that it is being offered, it is one of the best tablets available in the market at present.