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If you like what you read on Business Hacker, now there’s a way to make sure you get a regular monthly stream of business-related tips and advice: get a Business Hacker monthly or annual subscription. While access to the site is always free, with a monthly subscription you will get access to tens of Business Hacker books. The monthly subscription fee is only $9,99 (annual fee is $89), which is less than it costs to get most of the books individually. Conveniently, there’s no obligation – you can cancel at any time. But with a bargain this, why would you?

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What type of books do we publish? The books cover everything from productivity to creativity to CEO secret to success. Currently, the two businesshacker authors are Can Akdeniz and Jonas Stark, although if you’re a subscriber you should keep an eye out for new authors in the future. Whoever the author, though, if it’s a businesshacker book you can rest assured that it’s chock-full of helpful business advice. Click here to see books that have been successful in the past.

These are just some of the successful Business Hacker books that are already on the market. We add new title every month, though, so there is always more valuable and time-saving business and career advice in the pipeline!