People want to buy products that help them realize their dreams

People want to buy products that help them realize their dreams. They want the dress that will get their dream date to notice them; they want the computer that will unleash their creativity; they want the home where they will live a happy life with kids, a spouse, and a dog; they want the low-calorie foods that will allow them to achieve an ideal body; they want the comfort foods that will allow them to escape. If you market a dress simply based on the fact that it is cute or trendy, that’s well and good – but if you market a dress based on the presumption that its cuteness and trendiness will allow the wearer to express her best self, attract a dream date, or score a better job, then you’re really getting somewhere.

To do this for your company, you will need to reimagine how you depict your product’s goals and abilities. If you’re selling pretzels, you don’t just market the fact that they taste good – you market that their tastiness makes eaters happy. After all, who doesn’t want a product that makes them happier in life? Instead of focusing on the immediate needs that your product meets, focus on the traits, feeling, and long-term goals that your product or service will help customers develop.