New Book: The Power of Being Focused

The Power of Being Focused is the result of my own journey to conquer focus and sharpen self-discipline. So often we complain that we fail at what we want to do on both a professional and personal level, but how often can we say we have the discipline to enable us to get to where we want to be? This book teaches that discipline. Instead of investing your time and energy in various things and methods, or finding culprits for your lack of success, give yourself a chance at a real change by firstly learning to do the most important thing you need in order to improve your work, your way of doing things and ultimately, your life altogether. What we hope through this book is to give the insights and core structure upon which you can build your own discipline, the one that best corresponds to your needs and personality and will enable you to switch to the right mind-set, set your ideal workflow in motion and make every minute of your life really count!

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