New Book – Retired at 35: A Plan for Early Retirement

The truth is most of us don’t even think they deserve a life of financial freedom but it’s also true that all of us would just love to be able to do what we want, when we want and cut loose from any pecuniary related worries and restraints forever. I ask you now: how often do you reflect on this possibility?

The thing is, if you do think of an early retirement you probably know or think also of the things you would do if money wasn’t a problem for you anymore. There are, of course, the somehow to be expected answers such as becoming more involved with your family, spending more time with your friends, visiting all the places you’ve always wanted to visit, joining a noble cause etc. and they are all just wonderful, but I do believe that even here there is so much more unexplored potential that would ultimately reveal itself in its fullness when you once you are no longer financially confined. But it’s not the same for everybody – for some, who are aware of the dreams or the passions they want to pursue, the latter become the very motivator for fighting to achieve their financial liberation, for others this exact financial liberation is the driving force, the means through which they hope to finally be able to be with themselves and learn those things they love doing most in this life. Whatever side you take here, this book is for you.

Probably the main thing we are facing when considering retiring at an early age is making sure we have enough resources to provide a decent level of income to support us. So, yes, saving is a major topic in this case, but how much should we save and how should we save? Which are the options available for us? This book address these questions in a very accessible way offering you a quick start guide to taking the steps you need on your way to an early financial retirement.

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