New book release: The Leadership Academy – The Only Leadership Book You Must Read

Leadership Academy is a stellar collection of successful leadership books by two renowned business writers, Can Akdeniz and Jonas Stark. Collectively, these four books – Cool Boss: Master 11 Qualities of Today’s Greatest Leaders, Happy Company: How to Create a Happy, Trustable and Successful Business, The 9 Routines of Successful People: A Guidebook for Personal Change, and Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation – will help you steer both yourself and your company in a more successful direction. As you’ll learn, leadership skills can be developed in some pretty surprising ways – and innovation, positivity, and happiness all play major roles.


Cool Boss explains the leadership paradigms that are successful today and how they differ from the old paradigms of success. With real examples and anecdotes from Steve Jobs, James Dyson, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and many more, Akdeniz uses real-life success stories to show how being a “cool” boss can actually be the best leadership strategy for you and your business. The book includes 11 simple concepts that you can easily learn to implement in your life. These are all the secrets of leadership that you just won’t learn in business school.

Happy Company delves into a business philosophy that focuses on creating a happy company as a means to achieving success. Sometimes, Akdeniz explains, not focusing on the bottom line is actually what can bring about the most substantial success. Using examples from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, 3M, GE, and more, Happy Company explains 14 simple concepts that will help you create a successful business by focusing on creating a great workplace.

The 9 Routines of Successful People is the bestselling debut of Jonas Stark. If you’ve ever wondered what the trick is to success, it turns out that there are a few of them – as Stark can tell you from his own experience. Some of those tricks are probably easier that you would think. Nine Routines talks about the specific routines that you need to develop and offers concrete steps on how to plan and implement them in your life. Understanding your motivation and habits is a big key to your success, and Nine Routines will help teach you a host of valuable lessons about the inner working of your own mind so that you can maximize your potential.

Go Nuts is one of the early, popular books by Akdeniz. With Go Nuts, you will heard about groundbreaking innovations in an array of fields and industries. Although you have to bring your own creative forces to the table, there are certain patterns about creativity and innovation that can be learned – and Akdeniz helpfully exposes them all, showing you all the tricks on how to learn from the best. Akdeniz also talks about how to go about embarking on the creative journey and then, how to later implement and follow through on any innovative, new ideas you come up with.

Can Akdeniz has written and published more than a dozen books on leadership, productivity, creativity, and career advice. He is the owner of the popular business site He is a driven and innovation man who is always working on something new, so you can certainly expect to see more of his books on shelves and on Amazon later this year.

Jonas Stark is a more recent addition to the world of business publishing. A successful entrepreneur and business consultant, Stark just published his first book earlier this year after repeatedly hearing requests from his existing clients. Though just released, his debut book has already enjoyed considerable success. Look for more works to come from this newly acclaimed author.

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