New book release: The 9 Routines of Successful People – A Guidebook for Personal Change

Success is a destination that you can reach using a number of different routes. Even the end destinations can be drastically different depending on how a person defines success. Nonetheless, there are certain traits and routines that successful people tend to develop. Even though one person’s success might be another person’s failure, there are certain generalities that are true for achieving success, however you may define it.

In this book, Jonas Stark lays out some of the routines and principles that successful people tend to follow. Sometimes, even people who are successful aren’t able to outline exactly how they got there, but with a sharp and insightful analytical eye, Stark outlines those specifics with aplomb. As it turns out, implementing the routines of success – the things that make success a habit, not a rarity – is not as difficult as you may think.