Book by Can Akdeniz

New book release: Kill The Normal – The Secrets of Revolutionary Designs

Designers have had a major place in the cultural progress and the innovation process over the years, a tradition that continues to this day. However, there are a number of obstacles when it comes to modern design, primarily because the pace of popular culture and design trends seem to change so rapidly. Furthermore, it can be very intimidating to call yourself a “designer”, or might even be considered pretentious in certain situations. For that reason, unless you are in a traditional “design industry”, it is easy to accept things as they are and refrain from taking too many risks or rocking the boat of the established order.

Readers that could benefit from this book come from a wide range of fields and industries, because there is always room for change and innovation, no matter what your area of specialty happens to be. If society wants to continue moving forward in regards to interesting, thought-provoking design concepts, a full picture of modern design theory is required. This book provides readers with a broad spectrum of design theories from many different fields, acting to motivate, intrigue, or even inspire new ideas in the constantly changing landscape of modern design. This can be used as a foundation for your own bold steps forward in design; it is always easy to be confident and daring when you can look back at examples from the past that may have seemed “crazy” or “outside the box” when they were first explored. It might be uncomfortable or even frightening to think of suggesting or implementing a drastic change to something in your field of study, but as this book will clearly show, timidity rarely changes the world.

This book is a celebration of those innovators and designers that pushed the boundaries of acceptable, beautiful, functional, controversial, and is designed for those people who could benefit from the wisdom and vision that is described on these pages. We aren’t only interested in today’s most innovative individuals as they continue to move forward, because so many of them draw inspiration from the past. In that same tradition of passing on wisdom, this collection of essays will feature the stories from some titans of design. Take faith that thinking outside the box pays off from top architects of today like Santiago Calatrava or the tireless progression of design displayed in companies such as Apple and Google. Learn about the important of patience, humility, and determination from geniuses like James Dyson and the minds behind the solar-powered revolution in the automotive industry. This book can be your behind-the-scenes ticket to some of the secrets behind the most influential designs on the planet.

Kill the Normal delivers all the information and insight the designers both old and new can utilize in their own vision of the future. This book will clue you in to some of the most important lessons in design theory and application, including:

The need to look forwards as well as back for inspiration

The definition (or lack there of) of perfection

The eternal struggle/partnership of form and function

Seeing the value in everything

Consider the wider impact of your designs

How does the impact of globalization affect the scope of your designs?

Look deeper rather than wider, depending on your industry

Fixing problems without affecting functionality

Being realistic about the role of technology in design

Finding the fun side of every aspect of design

Accepting that design is an occasionally thankless job

The importance of endless ambition and determination

What impact does your design have on people’s beliefs?

What can design say about a company, a culture, or society in general?

The origins and history of design

The changing role of aesthetics over time

The likely direction of design in the future

Having a flexible perspective on value and application of your design

Seeing the world through the eyes of a true designer

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