MBA Career and Jobs

Apparently, the average income for someone that has a MBA degree is $97,714, which is not too bad really. Well honestly, that is pretty good money. Starting wages are more than $10,000 over other degrees. In a world where the size of your banking account really matters, an MBA degree might be a perfect fit for anyone who is thinking of a wide open job market. And trust me, not everything is about being stuck in an office. In fact, the things you can do with an MBA degree range from the normal office setting of a HR manager to a Natural science manager.

Recruitment, work in payroll, train new hires, etc. You’re the link between the corporate office and the staff. Now your average marketing manager, which is another field you can go into with a MBA degree is one that is more focused. Many times marketing managers lead the creative inspiration found in many mid to increase size companies. You help make things run better, from advertising to the overall workplace. Financial managers are the bean counters: your job is to make sure the books balance. You know where every cent of the company goes, what is bought, sold and invested. Nothing can hide from you. Your MBA degree has given you superpowers, well at least in maths.

An MBA degree is often seen as the stuffy suit and tie position. It does not have to be like that, and there are many jobs that are very mainstream that edge away from that idea. With so many hands-on Green jobs out there, it is easy to land a job that takes you out of the office and into the field to use that MBA degree. Leading a team while learning about managing solar power projects, building green homes and taking the knowledge you’ve gained with an MBA degree out into the public. Being involved with the public sector is rather rewarding. Sometimes the pay is not as good as other jobs, but there is something to be said about being able to work in shorts and a T-shirt while looking over a business project.