MBA Application Requirements

Once you have completed the pre-MBA requirements, then you are ready to apply to an MBA program. Application requirements take into account pre-MBA requirements as well as requiring other application information. Knowing what things are required will give you head start when applying.

Application Form – There is usually some type of application that you submit to officially apply to an MBA program. Most schools charge a non-refundable fee for each application submitted. These days, most applications can be submitted in online way.

Official Transcripts – You will need to send “official” transcripts from each college you have attended. This will be used to verify degree completion and any applicable MBA prerequisites you have completed. College transcripts also check your undergraduate grade point average (GPA), a common consideration for acceptance.

Admissions Test Scores – Test scores are only required if an admissions test is required. When required, test scores must be sent to each MBA school that you apply to. Admissions test scores are usually good for 5 years. Test scores can verify that you have taken the appropriate admissions test as well as be used for acceptance purposes. (This information is also applicable to English proficiency test scores).

Work Resume – You will often be required to submit a resume to verify your work experience. Even if an MBA does not specifically require work experience, an MBA program could require a work resume. Remember, work experience may be an acceptance consideration whether or not it is explicitly stated as a requirement.

Letters of Recommendation – MBA programs usually want to know how you work with others people in both a business and academic environment. Therefore, two or three letters of recommendation will often be asked for. These recommendation letters usually come from people like previous professors, employers, and other associates.

Application Essays – It is very common for MBA programs to require one or more essays. Programs use such essays to really try to get to know you. Essays can be used to present yourself in a positive light. Most importantly, application essays allow you to tell why you want to pursue an MBA and why you are a good fit for the program you are apply to.
Some MBA programs may also ask for an interview of some sort. An interview offers a great opportunity for you to show why you belong in the MBA program you are applying for. Getting called for an interview is often a good way that you are being seriously considered for placement into the program.