Life lessons from Harry Potter, Part II

Here’s a continuation from yesterday’s entry about life lessons learned from the Boy Who Lived, J.K. Rowlings’ bespectacled hero, Harry Potter.

3. We can overcome differences and work together. The creatures that help Harry Potter throughout the series are as varied as can be, and they include giant spiders, centaurs, half-giants, werewolves, and even a hippogriff. These creatures are as different as can be, yet they manage to work together when the need arises. Humans aren’t half as different as, say, elves and centaurs – yet both these creatures manage to work together for the greater good.

4. Everyone has flaws. Harry is born with a bizarre scar. Ron is easily flustered. Luna Lovegood is just … weird. Hagrid doesn’t follow rules well. Everyone has flaws, but flaws don’t make a person useless; they just make them human.

5. Love conquers all. The infant Harry Potter only survived the wrath of Voldemort because of the love his parents had for him. This is one of the first lessons that becomes readily apparent in the series. It recurs repeatedly, though, as Harry is urged onwards and helped at crucial times by his parents’ ghosts, who still love him enough to save his life.

Can Akdeniz

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