Keep in mind the value of your product

Think about the first dollar your business ever earned from a customer. That money came in exchange for a product or service you provided that had tangible value to that customer. The larger your business grows, the easier it can be to forget that your viability is hinged on the value you create. Once you have multiple revenue streams, long-term contracts and brand recognition, it can be easy to forget that all of your success still boils down to the value of your product, which your customers reap. Too many people seem to forget this principle, looking at their businesses as existing for their own sake and at their customers as cash cows whose sole purpose is to throw money at them.

The product you sell cannot be thought of as a consolation prize for funding your business. You have to believe in the inherent value of your product and be excited to deliver it to customers: the price of the product must essentially be the cost of value creation.

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