Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn finds time to change business world

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner finds time every day to change the business world. And as one of the most powerful executives in the tech world, it’s certainly not because he isn’t busy: Weiner says that leaving gaps in his schedule is the “single most important productivity tool”.
Too much “busyness” can get in the way of doing business well — and the failure to allow time for pausing and thinking could lead to a company’s lack of innovation.

Jeff Weiner isn’t the only one to talk about reducing busyness and slowing down as a way to optimize creativity and productivity. There’s a big difference between being productive and being busy. Instead of measuring the amount of work you do, measure results in terms of the amount of time, and delete the less important things that take a lot of time to spend.

Linkedln number of monthly unique visitors skyrocketed in recent months, due in part to its lowering the minimum age to join the network and launching a new product called “University Pages” aimed specifically at college-aged users. Weiner is also putting more energy and resources into revamping the website’s mobile app.

In a digital world where it is easier than ever to get in a rush and not make full contact with the people in our lives, this type of engagement and attunement is essential to our happiness and the health of our society. Living compassionately is certainly no easy endeavor, yet it is refreshing to see more business leaders like Jeff Weiner that speak to this need and dimension.