How to stay aware of your impact

Your impact is not just seen in the products you make and distribute. It is not just the service offered to customers. It is much wider reaching. It can affect so much. In the past, leaders have often avoided the limelight, allowing any success or controversies be accredited to their company as an anonymous. In such a way, they have avoided blame for less ethical choices on a personal level. At times, they have also forfeited any personal glory; even though their company may be a major force in the business world, they have maintained a level of privacy that means they are mysterious and unrecognized by much of the world’s public. In the contemporary business world, it is not easy to remain so anonymous. With today’s free flow of information, it is difficult for big business leaders to stay out of the limelight. Choices made by these leaders often have effects that sweep across nations. These effects will be reported in the news and online, whether they are innovative positive achievements or controversial unethical blunders. The media will not separate the leader from the business they run, so your name will forever be linked to the results of the choices you make. Ensure that you make the right decisions, with an eye always on the impact that these are likely to have on the world.

In some cases, this might be a fantastic recommendation. If you are an agent for positive change and run a company with innovative products and game-changing policies, then the boost you get from media coverage could be phenomenal. Don’t let this power go to your head. The best leaders do things because they believe in them – not for power or prestige. They are genuine and sincere, working towards a vision they hold central to their plans. No leader gains prestige if this is all they are concerned with. Truly great leaders receive public acclaim, because people recognize their devotion to making a difference. To be a Cool Boss you should never let glory go to your head and stop focussing on what’s important to you and the world. Remain humble in your success and more will surely follow.

It is also important to remember that you couldn’t have done it alone; every great leader achieves success only with the support of their followers or workers. Without hardworking, creative and committed employees or loyal customers, your success would only be dreamed. The greatest leaders will readily acknowledge those who have helped and inspired them. Always give credit where it’s due.

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