How to recover from holidays

This is the start of a big holiday weekend – and a rare one, too. This is the first time that Thanksgiving and the start of Hannukah have overlapped since 1888 – and it won’t happen again for almost 80,000 years! Point is, there are a lot of people who’ll be dragging their feet after a long weekend when they return to work on Monday. Here are some tips for getting back into the flow after this long, festive weekend.

First, think ahead. Although it’s always difficult to motivate a return to work after a long weekend, after this weekend, it should be pretty easy to keep from getting too glum this time – because you know that more fun and festivities are just around the corner with another set of winter holidays on the horizon. If you find yourself falling into a slump in the coming week, try to remember that more fun isn’t far away. You just need to power through these next few weeks.

Stay healthy. It’s tempting to eat all the junk food that’ll come your way at the office over the next few weeks, but the entire holiday season is easier to survive if you do everything in moderation. Remember, Thanksgiving and Hannukah aren’t the only holidays you have to survive – there are plenty more just around the bend. And now that you’re about the run the festivities gantlet, keep your body primed with the best fuel. Don’t treat this as the start of a seasonal pig-out. This was one holiday; now continue to act in moderation until the next one. That way when you get to the end of the holiday season your health won’t be suffering from a month of living on candy canes and chocolate chip cookies – and you won’t be depressed from having packed on extra pounds.

Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.

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