How to make money with Fiverr

The Internet has become a rather large part of our everyday life as it produces not just an unprecedented amount of information, opening new horizons and possibilities, but also ways through which you can make a (quick) buck. Here you can tones of websites that act as intermediaries between talented people looking for way to make some from the comfort of their homes and buyers looking to hire such talents at a good price (or sometimes at a price they wouldn’t get somewhere else). One of these services is called Fiverr.

Fiverr’s way of helping you make money is fairly easy; all you have to do is go to their website, create and share a “gig”, which means offering your services to the world and creating exposure for yourself then wait for someone to appreciate your work. Now it’s the time to get excited, because there’s virtually no limit to what you can do on Fiverr; just by visiting the website you will notice that people offer the widest variety of services imaginable (ranging from funny to weird to what the…?!) from content writing to drawing logos, professional voiceovers and marketing makeovers, HD filming, blog creation, etc. The prevailing thing here is getting creative. For instance, I found gigs where people write ukulele jingles or paint love messages on their bodies or professionally teach you how to play golf (your own personal trainer for five bucks). Furthermore, to make things easier for newcomers, Fiverr has created six primary sections to choose from – graphics and design, online marketing, writing and translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming and technology. “Category” (upper left corner), is a complete list of talents you can find to pursue or purchase, including Advertising, Lifestyle, and for the “odd” ones, Fun & Bizarre.

One important aspect to remember is that each created “gig” is worth $5, hence the name of the website, but you actually receive $4 bucks (that $1 fee goes to the website). OK, so you probably won’t make a fortune on Fiverr, but with enough determination and dedication you can actually turn your gig into satisfying supplementary income or even earn enough without having so that you won’t need to go to work anymore.

Let me give you some examples of people who really made a name for themselves by using Fiverr’s platform. Alicia is a bilingual film student in Montreal, and her talent is to create videos. She managed to become one of the service’s stars in just a month!

“Alicia has been on Fiverr for only about a month, but she’s already garnering excellent reviews, such as ‘Definitely one of the better sellers on Fiverr!’ and ‘Alicia included everything I asked for and produced a beautiful video! I highly recommend her!!!,’” the website reads.

Going by the name of “aliciamacgibbon”, the young student has made quite an impression by creating stunning visual effects and professionally editing any kind of video file you throw at her.

Another rising star is Jasmine, also known as Jasminechloe. This young Australian girl is a gifted singer and songwriter who does vocal sessions and demos in professional studios from across the globe, but also has her own recording studio. You’d think that she’s making enough money, so why invest her time and talent on Fiverr? Well, only she can give you the answer to that question, but one thing is certain – in just a month she’s managed to impress everyone who bought her gigs, thus becoming a much sought for seller. Some of her reviews note that:

“She wrote new lyrics that were amazing and produced a fantastic song!!”

“Fantastic vocalist. She is so nice and produced a fantastic product with multiple takes. The best singer on Fiverr.” And the website is full of them.

Excited yet? I guess it’s about time we tell you how to increase your gig sales!

Ok, I’ll keep you on your toes for a bit to resume the getting down to the brass tacks. Say you earn $100 bucks a month, that’s 20 gigs x $4 = $80 (I mentioned before that you really get $4 instead of $5). So now the income is $80 – expenses (say $10). The Internal Revenues Service will also need its share, so it will shorten your original $100 to a $95. However, the IRS includes a refund policy ( Your income would be $65 (+ the refund) for doing something you’re good at.

Gig sales. Fiverr is a market place where creativity meets money making, so put that “something you’re good at” to good use.

Got your Bitcoin wallet yet? Maybe not but you probably know that this name had set the path to a new currency, digital currency, one that’s not owned or controlled by anyone. That means no government. It’s Big Brothers’ meaner brother.

“Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network and digital currency that enables secure instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, without the use of a third party.”

In the digital world, one Bitcoin (BTC) is worth $654 at this moment, and there’s another phrase you’ll get familiarized with if you’re interested in using Bitcoin and that’s “mining on the internet”. Miners are everywhere in the digital world, and for a good reason. They methodically inspect payments, gaining profit by keeping the block chain working. Starting this year, payment processing gets you 25 BTCs for mining one block to the block chain. Fiverr shook hands with Coinbase – a favored Bitcoin wallet – this February and offers the possibility to buy Gigs with BTCs. The system is easy to use and plainly explained on the service’s website:

“Transactions will be processed through Coinbase, however, the Bitcoins can come from any source. Payments will be settled in US dollars.”

I’m going to mention that you’ll need a Fiverr account in order to purchase any of their services.

As far as the seller is concerned…

“On the seller side, it’s business as usual. Revenue is earned and withdrawn in US dollars. The option to withdraw revenue in Bitcoin is currently not available on Fiverr,” reads the platform.

Anonymity is what describes best this partnership, and Fiverr delivers.

Reading testimonies I’ve come across two talented young men who earned a special place on Fiverr’s history two months ago. One is called Muhammad, his account name M03h4mm4d, and he earns money by creating outstanding digital rubber stamps. It’s too bad I can’t show you his work, but you can check his profile on Fiverr. The other one is Chris, known as Chrislovingood, and he joined the community not long ago. He’s fully appreciated by everyone, and proof of it is the solid 100% positive rates he’s earned, not to mention a position in the top sellers; Chris’s exceptional talent is to do voiceovers and voice acts.

This is where creativity gets its capital C, and what really impressed me is the diversity of this community. I found someone who is making logos (any kind of logo) and messages out of clay, rated positive at 100% out of 141 buyers.

I’m also going to mention that Fiverr is featuring a blog and a forum, both offering plenty of useful information and fun stories.

Tips on becoming a great seller on Fiverr

Now that we’ve explained how Fiverr works let’s dig a little deeper and see how to optimize your gigs, that if you’re a seller. First thing you have to consider is the quality of your work; build up positive ratings and you’ll end up with a circle, no matter how small or big, of dedicated buyers. Do your research, and give your gig an inviting title. Also, it’s important to select the right category/categories for your type of gig. Be attentive with your tags and keywords. Use a real picture of yourself, since people appreciate better a business associated with a face. Make a portfolio of your work and keep in touch with those who give you feedback. You can promote your gig through social media and forum posts. For example, you can link your Fiverr account to your Facebook account or use the forum’s categories to accurately nurture your business. Be patient and respect your deadlines. Stay ahead of the competition by studying the niche of your choosing. Get exposure by commenting on blogs. If you managed to create a successful gig, write a press release and get in touch with sites who offer this kind of service (there are some who do it for free). You can get help from other websites like Squidoo and Hub Pages, as they are ready to promote your work. Add a video file to your gig that explains the benefits of working with you. Sellers can also benefit from an official page on the popular professional network called LinkedIn; here they can widen even further their business and social circles.

On the other side, for those of you who want to buy, we advise contacting the seller before doing any business. Build trust by researching and putting to the test his ability to deliver. Last but not least, if you loved the seller’s service don’t forget to leave a review.

I have to admit that this digital organism we call the internet keeps me in continuous awe, and I strongly believe that if you’re talented and driven enough to make money in a way that is enjoyable to you and gets you the chance to employ your skills, Fiverr definitely deserves a try. You might want to check it out also if you are looking for enthusiast people who offer their services at a more than reasonable price.