How to lead like Sergey Brin

Google has been one of the most dominant forces in Internet information over the past 15 years. It has been said that not since Gutenberg and his printing press has the way human beings acquire knowledge been so profoundly changed as with the Google search engine. That is quite a bold claim, but not far off the mark. The concept of a search engine is a way to efficiently educate every student of the world at the blackboard of technology and accessibility. Google simply perfected it, and has reaped the global benefits of that success. Sergey Brin has been a hugely influential force in the way the world approaches knowledge and ideas, and the profits that he has gained from that endeavor have been put back into even more progress. Similar to his wife’s pursuits of genetic knowledge and access to health information, Brin approaches the same concept on a macrocosmic scale, trying to compile all information in a free space and then pass it out to anyone who desires to learn. Now, obviously, a search engine alone is not enough to change the world, and Brin understands. The philosophical philanthropy of sharing knowledge is only matched by his tangible charitable works and his public passion for making the world a greater place.

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Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.

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