How to lead like Mark Zuckerberg

Changing the world is often the lofty goal of business leaders, yet in the past, it was the exception rather than the rule. Fortunately for the world, and for those living in this modern generation, that sad fact of stagnant business procedures and snail’s-pace change is being eliminated. Innovation and progress are the cornerstones of cool leadership and the new age of business theory. As a leader of today, innovation should be a major goal in the complex structure of your company vision. Even in the past decade, the world has watched as companies have experienced meteoric rises on the back of great ideas, while others have plummeted to bankruptcy and obsolescence because they simply can’t keep up with the rate of change.

A strong leader that wants to keep his company relevant and in the public eye of consumers needs to push the envelope and think outside the box as a rule, not the exception. That complete shift from the old way of thinking may be frightening, and the inherent risks are enough to dissuade plenty of leaders from going down that ambitious path, but if you take a hard look at those leaders who are legitimately changing the world, they are doing it through constant progress and a tireless effort to think in new ways. A simple example is the proliferation of social media platforms, and how many of the early websites and programs are now barely a memory because they established their style and stuck to it, unwilling or unable to keep up with the changing demands that seem to shift every month or quarter in the market. Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, however, manages to stay relevant and successful because it is a company that operates in flux, trying new things, analyzing their success and readjusting, only to begin the process all over again.

That exhausting, but worthwhile, dedication to change and progress is what will keep your business moving forward, and help it keep pace with the other companies that are doing the same thing. A common phrase in the past was to call an idea “ahead of its time”, but that span of time may have been years, or even decades. In today’s transient and fickle global marketplace, being “ahead of its time” may mean an idea gained a few months on the competition, so there is barely time for celebration before something new must be developed and launched. It is a fast-paced world, but the key is to inspire your workers with your own ideas, capitalize on your innovative employees, and construct a culture of advancement that seeps into every corner of your business. There is no time for standing around and congratulating one another on staying in business for another year; the only direction to move is forward, the only time to relax is once perfection has been reached. That being said, the smartest leaders know that perfection can’t be reached, only reached for.

Being innovative is integral to success, but there are many other qualities that modern leaders must possess and employ in order to find and maintain excellence in their industry.

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