How to Kill Time Wasters

Not enough time to get things done? Not enough energy to do all the things you love doing, the things that are really, really important to you? Too much stress in your life and too little satisfaction? The reason for all this is less dramatic and more common than you think, and he cure is much simpler than you can imagine.

Regain the control over the big things in your life by eliminating all the little time wasters that cut into your creativity and focus each day. Do you often wonder how you can find time to meet all your needs, the needs of your family and still keep your inventiveness alive, when so much is shouting out for your attention every minute, maybe even now, as you are reading this?

Then you are saved. This book is your time-wasters proof vest – full of practical and extremely efficient tips and tactics to master your calendar and communication, and filter out the informational debris that takes up space in your mind and your life altogether.

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