How to grow confidence

The difference between an ever-hesitating individual and a confident person is that the latter accepts a new experience for what it is: a new experience with inherent unknown ground and mistakes that ultimately are just a learning tool. Knowing that as long as you give your best, you will be OK with yourself and ready to welcome anything coming your way is taping into an infinite source of power. This is truly being confident and embracing the right attitude. By mastering that ultimate positive outlook, you will be able to always engage in your most optimized mental state and take on any challenge. Sometimes knowing what to avoid doing can be just as useful as knowing what to do. We’ll try to pinpoint some of the most important DON’Ts that can help you not sabotage yourself and let go of the things that suffocate your confidence:

– Don’t reject uncertainty in your life; curiosity is one of the most beautiful things in life;

– Don’t project impractical expectations; there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big but there’s nothing right with never waking up either;

– Don’t doubt your qualities and your right to happiness; when you give up trust, your capacity to evolve is severely injured, it’s like sending out a message to the Universe that says: “more suffering please, I’m only worth that.”;

– Don’t back out from challenges; if you want to become a better chess player you have to play with opponents better than you;

– Don’t lose focus on what matters to you the most; if you were out on a wild trip you’d be pretty careful not to lose your map, right?

– Don’t believe you need to conform in order to be accepted; how many of the people you admire and respect do you think have become who they are by playing by others’ rules or trying to comply with something that contradicted their principles and values?

– Don’t always take yourself or things, in general, too seriously; opening yourself up to seeing the comical side of things, even personal mistakes and misfortunes is extremely liberating;

– Don’t forget to help others feeling comfortable with themselves; there’s no better way to help yourself than by contributing to the joy of others;

You probably know this already but just didn’t give it the necessary attention – our brain is the most important organ we have. You also probably know the reason why but allow me to remind you nevertheless: no matter how our reality looks on the outside, it actually begins inside – in our brain – every thought, emotion, word that comes out is triggered by what occurs in the brain. There are lots of studies proving this reciprocity – our experiences are continually changing our brain and our brain is permanently influencing our perception of the experiences we undergo.